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1. Fill in your information below and click SELECT DAY & TIME.

2. Choose the choice of day & time for your appointment and click CHOOSE SERVICE.

3. Add your desired service and clicking the (+) sign to the right. This is also how you add up to two (2) additional services. Then click FIND AN APPOINTMENT.

4. Choose which time works for your schedule from the options listed and click BOOK.

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6. Your request has been sent! You will see a confirmation number listed as well. You will know your appointment is confirmed once you receive a confirmation email or text with the accepted or rejected request.

7. IF you select the PAW SPA UBER service, this means that we will pick up and drop off your dog for you the day of his/her appointment. This is a $14.00 fee & special instructions are required when doing so. Please email us - with information or call us - (508) 925-5517. Thank You! 

Please remember: Certain treatments, when performed without a grooming package, are walk-in services only and not eligible for appointment booking. Please call us ahead of time to let us know you are coming in.

Dog Sizes: Small - 0-25 lbs., Medium - 25-60 lbs., Large - 51-80 lbs. Please cal us for a quote if your buddy is over 80 lbs.

We look forward to welcoming your four-legged family member!

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